It is very simple, as everything is done over the Internet and email.  You are in direct contact with me.  

Please begin by completing the questionnaire (click on FORM) in order that I may become familiar with your company and what you want your logo to look like.

I offer three levels of design services :
LOGO BASIC :              3 different logo projects with unlimited corrections                            390€
LOGO PLUS :               6 different logo projects with unlimited corrections                            540€
LOGO PREMIUM :        6 logo project designs, design of business card, letterhead
                                         and banner for your internet site                                                     990€
The prices are TTC, all taxes includes.

Research, drawings
As soon as I receive your questionnaire I will contact you for more details, such as your area of activity and your competitors. After studying the logos of your competitors and analysing your needs, I will do drawings and initial sketches.

Logo projects
Within two weeks I will send you, by email, 3 to 6 logo projects according to your stated choices. The projects are send in JPEG small resolution, in order to prevent copying and enlarging.

Corrections until you are satisfied
At this point you can send any corrections to me. In this phase of the project it is possible to adjust the initial design and to correct for color, drawing and other factors.
You will then receive by email your chosen project according to your comments. If corrections are required I will incorporate these until you are satisfied.

Once the results are accepted I will send you by email a request of payment. You can make the payment using PayPal. You can make secure payment directly on my web site with Paypal, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Reception of your new logo
You will then receive your new logo by email in several high resolution formats : Jpeg, PDF, PNG and EMF. The latter is a vector format with which you will be able to enlarge your logo at your convenience without losing quality. You can use your new logo for printed matter, for the Internet, for enlargement and all your other needs.
You will own all the rights to your new logo and you can register it. I only reserve the right to include your logo in my portfolio to promote my work. I retain the rights to any projects that have not been acquired.

Please contact me for more information.  

Place an order
If you want me to design your logo please click on FORM.